One Leaf

Today's Koan

IMG_0157 PMHold one fallen leaf in your hand. Really see it, be present to it. See it as it is. The colors, the veins, the shape, the touch, the smell.

One leaf, but was it the highest or lowest on the tree? Does it matter? See the green of the chlorophyll: the green of life from the Sun. The veins send the bounty of light down through branches, limbs and trunk to the expanse of roots, holding tight to Mother Earth.

The tree’s roots provide hydration and sustenance, but the energy to live comes from the sky, from the Sun. The tree spent a wild adolescence reaching to that sky. Now it stands daily in that quiet presence, swaying to the breath of Spirit.

The wisdom of the tree is that it cannot deny the sky, unlike you and I when we seclude ourselves from Its wisdom – behind mantles of…

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