Immortalization possibilities are recognized, at both Hue- and hu-being levels


gaia_energy1Immortalization possibilities are recognized, at both Hue- and hu-being levels.

Ceremonies of connection carry through those in the night.

Anodizing of planetary elements are complete.

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New Earth Dawning ~ Gaia Portal

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

New Earth Dawning

5D New Earth is here and we have changed.  Now we begin changing to new life on New Earth.  That’s the main message I get from these most recent Gaia Portal posts.

Transformational energies have bombarded Earth and caused our energies to vibrate faster and in more harmonious patterns.  All of the Gaia Energy Messages are about energetic configurations of ourselves and the Earth, and how this is affecting our lives in New Earth.  Having attained higher levels of Consciousness and Light content in our personal energetic systems, we are more in control of ourselves and our environments.  We have reached the Fifth Dimension.

This post covers the last six Gaia Portal messages.  My comments are in orange:

Ramps of ascension are constructed


gaia_energy1Ramps of ascension are constructed.

By ramps is meant energetic channels and structures that push, pull, or guide us to becoming fifth dimensional Hue-mans.

Gaia movements…

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Mike Quinsey: 18th December 2015.

Forever Unlimited

18th December 2015. Mike Quinsey.

The festive season is bringing about a release from the more uninviting things happening on Earth. Regardless as to what is taking place in the outside world, people are determined to relax and enjoy themselves. It creates an energy that brings out the best in people, and gives them an opportunity to be giving and forgiving where relationships have been marred or even destroyed. For some it is a time for renewing acquaintances with those who have lost touch, and all over the world happiness is being recreated. Man was never intended to be alone, but most people are of course tied in with each other through karma, that can of course be viewed as either good or bad as you understand it. Whatever way you look at it life on Earth is a continual challenge that you do not always understand. However they are…

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, Channeler – Transmission from Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light – HEADS UP! – EVENTS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN FAST! – 12-16-15

Higher Density Blog

*December 16 2015

6:30 AM Mtn

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek   –   Transmission from Galactic Federation Of Light   –   HEADS UP!  –   Events Are Going To Happen Fast!   –   12-16-15


(DUANE:  Take in a Deep Breath …Exhale …Now Smile!    –    You may want to read this 3 or 4 times )


Garrith Lamanov

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


It is important to know that all currencies have been confirmed for a global reset and will soon be enacted for the public to know and be aware of through education programs that are set in place.  Pivotal announcements will soon be made where funds will be reimbursed and distributed to each nation of the world to restore balance and eradicate poverty within every aspect and structure of society.  These funds will also be used to allow a cancellation of any and all debt owed to the reserve…

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The Council via Ron Head – All of You are part of Consciousness – 12-15-15

Higher Density Blog

The Council

The Council

We continue.

We were discussing oneness, unity, the idea that all of you are a part of a consciousness. Many of you have a problem with that. You have been taught thoroughly and well over many lifetimes that you are separate and unique. And you have been also taught that you are separate in every other way possible. And those ones over there bode you no good. And those other ones are truly dangerous. And just forget about the ones we haven’t even mentioned.

There was – no, there is – a reason for this. And you know very well that it is a mechanism to keep you all apart and under control. You cannot be made to treat someone that you care about as an enemy. And profit requires enemies. The security of the top layer requires enemies among the lower layers. This is the concept that…

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