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I missed the Gaia Portal message interpretations, since late October.   Again, I feel it is important for us to read, as evidence of improvements on Earth.

Here is the latest, with my thoughts given in orange.  The source link is in the title.


gaia_energyHolistic flights appear to all


Holistic flights appear to all.

Holistic…the whole.  Spacecraft in sight all around Earth? They are appearing all over, but not to all.

It may refer to the positive changes, or ascension, of people, individually and collectively/socially, as in ascend meaning fly.

Caressing energies flow through Gaia portals.

Energies flowing from outside or beyond Earth come to Earth through portals.  The kind of energy coming in now is soothing us—our fears, anger and upsets.  We relax, able to feel and give Love.

Sunscreens no longer necessary.

Until very recently, humans could not have stood the amount of Light that now…

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