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New Earth Dawning

5D New Earth is here and we have changed.  Now we begin changing to new life on New Earth.  That’s the main message I get from these most recent Gaia Portal posts.

Transformational energies have bombarded Earth and caused our energies to vibrate faster and in more harmonious patterns.  All of the Gaia Energy Messages are about energetic configurations of ourselves and the Earth, and how this is affecting our lives in New Earth.  Having attained higher levels of Consciousness and Light content in our personal energetic systems, we are more in control of ourselves and our environments.  We have reached the Fifth Dimension.

This post covers the last six Gaia Portal messages.  My comments are in orange:

Ramps of ascension are constructed


gaia_energy1Ramps of ascension are constructed.

By ramps is meant energetic channels and structures that push, pull, or guide us to becoming fifth dimensional Hue-mans.

Gaia movements…

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