James Gilliland – Hang In There – Big Shifts Coming – 1-21-16

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James Gilliland,


I have been observing consciousness shifts as of late on a grand scale. There has also been a lot of movement on the ground with the White Hats. It is like the Titanic is sinking, the rats are jumping ship and saving their own skin by testifying, giving depositions that will be the foundation for the dark hearts demise. The hidden and nefarious deeds of the past are surfacing for all to see. The arrests will escalate all the way to the top.

The collective pulse is saying how did this happen. How did this get so dark, so corrupt? Many are saying I no longer want to participate in this world. There are those who are really feeling the collective consciousness and being overwhelmed by it.

The collective consciousness is going through a major shift. Everything is coming up to be dealt…

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Happy 2016! ~ The Year of Better and Better ~ Gaia Portal

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Light of Our WorldHappy New Year!  Happy Year 3 of New Earth!  It’s going to be amazing.

Kryon says that 2013 was a year of adjusting, shifting energies and “they” don’t count it.  This is year three on New Earth.

As I prepare to go over the latest several messages from Gaia Portal, my thought is that it may be time for those of us who no longer watch TV to sign up for cable.  The dark ones will be removed from Earth very soon.  Many have already been bargaining with Light forces for their lives, while still not letting go of their temporary powers.  With them gone and their old systems of service to themselves crumbling, life on Earth will change quickly.  Room is left for exciting positive changes in every aspect of society.  Meanwhile we can look forward to expanded spiritual understanding and abilities.  You may find very old memories beginning…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – January 8, 2016

Rainbow Wave of Light

mike8th January 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones, Take a deep breath and prepare for many changes that are waiting to come out. On face value it may seem that some are destructive where your present systems are concerned. However, all actions should be viewed with the greater picture in mind, as you are starting a period of multiple changes. At each stage you will naturally view them according to their immediate effect. However if you could see the result in the long term, you would appreciate how each happening is part of the whole process of change. Most of you already know that the events that are happening, are for your release from the hold the dark Forces have over you. Mother Earth is already making changes for that reason and she will “shake” the dark Ones with her actions. At times depending on where you are on Earth matters…

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