Sheldan Nidle Update 10-11-16…

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paoweb_globegrid162Another latest Sheldan update.

As I hinted at in this recent Kp message, I am not paying attention to, nor am I “concerned” with, any of the RV, governmental changes, NESARA / GESARA / SARA-LEE, or any of those other things. They happen… then they’ve happened. I usually take any reports about those things with at least 2.75 tablespoons of grains of Himalayan salt.

However, I do sense that the big financial changes are occurring, and I do sense the USA CORP (et al.) regime is crumbling, BRICS and Russia have done / are doing their jobs, and awareness is so high right now that no “tricks” are going unnoticed.

“The dying American regime goes out, sabre-rattling at a most undaunted clip. This nonsense seems scary to the uninitiated. In reality, it is no more than a method designed to make Russia the appointed scapegoat. The US Military is…

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