Spiritual Returning

Today's Koan

Bloom of Spirit Bloom of Spirit

The second koan on faith described the path from questioning to pursuit to presence with Spirit. That journey can be called spiritual returning.

As I do so often, I offer a compelling image of one of our local park’s cherry trees; this one from a past spring taken at dawn in the joy of full regalia–that beautiful full presence of self to the sky, realizing its true beauty.

But returning? When did we depart? Did we ever depart, or are we returning to our source and realizing the wondrous presence in willing consent?

The cherries offer a wonderful metaphor of our own journey. From our literal roots in this Earth and our continual sustenance, drawing from her soil, to being present to her breezes and whims of season in our pursuit of daily life–the swaying and bending to the winds of change.

But then in repose we find…

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