Siberia’s ‘doorway to the Underworld’ Is Getting So Big It’s Uncovering Ancient Forests – 2-27-17

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A doorway to 200,000 years ago. Alexander Gabyshev, Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North FIONA MACDONALD 25 FEB 2017 It’s no secret that Siberia’s permafrost has been on thin ice lately. Conditions are varying so much that huge holes are appearing out of nowhere, and, in some places, tundra is quite literally […]

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GoldFish Report No 79 Ascension RoundTable: Uniting the Lightworkers

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Published on Feb 24, 2017

On GoldFish Report No 79, Co-Hosts Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, Rob Potter, Mary Rodwell, Maree Batchelor, M.D. and Benjamin Change Ungerman to a fascinating conference about Ascension by uniting these Light Workers, their respective fields of expertise, research, healing, art, music, philosophy, logistics and esoteric and spiritual perspectives about Ascension. The guests highlight their evidence for Ascension and their personal experience of ascension at this present point in time. Cobra makes a plea to all viewers to aprticipate in an important Meditation for Sunday February 26, 2017 and you can go to his blog for details at…. For information about Alfred Lambremont-Webre plese visit For Mary Rodwell please visit and, and for Maree Batchelor, M.D. please visit For Rob Potter please visit and for Benjamin Change Ungerman please visit Please follow our 24/7…

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A Couple of Preston James, 1 of 2… Veterans Today 2-13-17… “American Political Cronyism” [part I]

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_89This is something I’m sure many of us in the Light arena are aware of. Many political types are in it for the money and “power”, and of course, many are essentially conscripted by the Cabal to do whatever biddings they require, if not, they’ll be taken out.

Particularly, Preston addresses the MSM, writing that it is “a virtual six-member News Cartel between the Networks with the same regularly espoused talking points”. Many have pointed this out over the years, and now the planetary climate has produced a US President who is consistently “calling them out”. Personally, I know that this is a positive thing for the planet (and yes, I’m sure many who want a “politically correct” President will disagree).

“…cronyism has transformed much of the DC Establishment into a large RICO crime syndicate, with up to 70% of all elected and appointed USG officials entrapped by various…

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A Couple of Preston James, 2 of 2… Veterans Today 2-19-17… “American Political Cronyism (part II)”

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_90This is Part II. An excellent report by Preston, in my view. It lays it all out. However, from many who are already posted on this blog, we know that their time is indeed ending. The political cronyism will shortly be a thing of the past. And no one will be allowed to enter the US government unless they are willing to work solely for the people, and not just for themselves.

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“…it is normal for high Cabal members to assist new recruits and lend a helping hand in gaining access to higher positions in the Ruling Cabal and acquiring more and more wealth, power, position and status. But there is always a big cost to all this. One must go through increasingly criminal initiations, at some point involving sexual perversions, sexual inversions, pedophilia, and even human sacrifice to get to the very top. Of…

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