A Couple of Preston James, 1 of 2… Veterans Today 2-13-17… “American Political Cronyism” [part I]

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_89This is something I’m sure many of us in the Light arena are aware of. Many political types are in it for the money and “power”, and of course, many are essentially conscripted by the Cabal to do whatever biddings they require, if not, they’ll be taken out.

Particularly, Preston addresses the MSM, writing that it is “a virtual six-member News Cartel between the Networks with the same regularly espoused talking points”. Many have pointed this out over the years, and now the planetary climate has produced a US President who is consistently “calling them out”. Personally, I know that this is a positive thing for the planet (and yes, I’m sure many who want a “politically correct” President will disagree).

“…cronyism has transformed much of the DC Establishment into a large RICO crime syndicate, with up to 70% of all elected and appointed USG officials entrapped by various…

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