A Couple of Preston James, 2 of 2… Veterans Today 2-19-17… “American Political Cronyism (part II)”

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_90This is Part II. An excellent report by Preston, in my view. It lays it all out. However, from many who are already posted on this blog, we know that their time is indeed ending. The political cronyism will shortly be a thing of the past. And no one will be allowed to enter the US government unless they are willing to work solely for the people, and not just for themselves.

Click for Part I.

“…it is normal for high Cabal members to assist new recruits and lend a helping hand in gaining access to higher positions in the Ruling Cabal and acquiring more and more wealth, power, position and status. But there is always a big cost to all this. One must go through increasingly criminal initiations, at some point involving sexual perversions, sexual inversions, pedophilia, and even human sacrifice to get to the very top. Of…

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