Montague Keen – Mankind’s Slavery is Coming To An End – 6-27-17

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Mankind’s slavery is coming to an end. It has taken time and great effort to get the right people in place on both sides of life and to enable them to work together as one unit. We have done this and it is proving to be successful in removing the controls that enslaved humanity. The control systems were put in prime locations. We required special energy codes to

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An articles and a Video about the Paris Accords… for information only…

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Wanted to post before I leave on a SOOM (“Something Or Other Mission”). The more I view (and “sense”) about this, it appears to be a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” kind of a deal.

The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE against plants, forests and all life on our planet (6-1-17, Mike Adams, Natural News)

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