Dark nights are abandoned in the Era of Awakenings ~ August 16, 2017


Ah, my friends…the “time” is fast approaching for the opportunity to truly change our consciousness! I AM speaking of the total Solar Eclipse which will sweep across the nation during daylight hours on Monday, August 21.

This will begin near my home in Oregon where the “totality” will be 95%. That’s pretty darn good for me, so I plan on taking the day off from work and meditate during both this eclipse AND the mas global consciousness called from by Cobra and Corey Goode at 11:11 my time (PDT).

Our spiritual friends at Eireport have released a new message today, and this is a message I find to be very important as it indicates great change through positive actions on the behalf of humanity! Usually, Eireport messages are vague, but this message seems to be pointing toward the soon-to-be Total Solar Eclipse, as a period of real change in our…

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Sheldan Nidle Update – Major Energy Shift with Solar Eclipse – 8-15-17

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Ik, 0 Uo, 1 Ik

Dratzo! All continues to quickly move forward. Those in the know expect that a major energy shift is to occur with this month’s solar eclipse. It has been foretold that this galactic event should take place after a major global release of a vast amount of currency. This solar event would then jump-start the NESARA Republic and the worldwide kick-off of GESARA. It is this series of global events that could truly set this month apart.

   Because of these anticipated events, the world would celebrate both the death of an old, illegal republic and the start of a new, peaceful worldview for Gaia. This really excites us. It can easily make it plausible for disclosure and for the beginnings of another great step toward higher consciousness for all. We welcome this eventuality with open arms. It explains why all who really understand your reality…

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Sacred Geometry of Love ~ July 11, 2017



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By Gail Swanson

I have been taking these cosmic photographs for quite some time now. Today for the first time I brought out my crystal bowls to play to see if there would be any difference in the photos. There was. First I played one bowl and then took some pictures. They were so amazing I got my husband to play two bowls while I took more pictures.

Here is the message I received.

The power within is mightier than you can imagine. Thoughts have a vibration and a power that can harm or save. As the outer becomes more chaotic and nonsensical the inner should blossom as never before. Rise to the occasion. Lift and illuminate. Leave behind the old and worn and bring forth that which shall no longer remain hidden.

All is magnified. All is glorified. That which is visible to the world is…

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Montague Keen – Mankind’s Slavery is Coming To An End – 6-27-17

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Mankind’s slavery is coming to an end. It has taken time and great effort to get the right people in place on both sides of life and to enable them to work together as one unit. We have done this and it is proving to be successful in removing the controls that enslaved humanity. The control systems were put in prime locations. We required special energy codes to

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