Be In-Joy, In-Power-ed. That is the ONLY Sustainable/Acceptable Energy in Our New Biosphere!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Holy shift…. again!!  I woke up yesterday as blank as I felt on the morning of the 23rd.  But considering I had been pulled off the visible field for a day and a half, I knew something bigger than myself was underfoot.  The first day I was pulled off midway thru my appointment schedule, the energy completely engorging my mind, that evening, the chest area chimed in with the energies, coughing, asthma-like chest tightness and of course, puberty set in in my vocal chords again.  My mind and consciousness got the first drop of higher light as it seeped down into my soul mind/heart and on the way down, bless my vocal chords!!  Yesterday morning, I was perfect again, tired, but very functional!!

I realized something as my first reading showed up and all the way thru the end of the day.  I don’t think I really paid attention to this…

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Oneness – The Council – via Ron Head – 10-28-15

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councilThe Council  via Ron Head

We have spoken before on the topic of oneness, we wish to revisit it today. Will you understand it when we are done? Will you ever completely understand it? Let us tell you now, before we begin, that your learning, as well as our own, will never be over. Things never cease to change and evolve. But we are curious beings, are we not? And so let us see if perhaps we can give you a new thing or two to consider.

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Celia Fenn @ Stachild Global – Two Suns and a Super Moon in Taurus/Orion – The 11/11/8 Star Gate – Sacred Union Creative Frequencies – 10-25-15

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Two Suns and a Super Moon in Taurus/Orion : The 11/11/8 Star Gate and Sacred Union Creative Frequencies

So it has been a powerful time and the power energies just keep coming. Usually this can be explained in relation to the activities of the Sun and Solar Flares. But, in this case, there has been very little actual correlation, and so it seems indeed that there must be another explanation. There is! The powerful waves that we are feeling now are Galactic and Cosmic in origin, and although they include Solar activity, there is so much more going on. I wanted to share with you my understanding of some of these powerful forces that are driving our Transformation and Ascension right now.

I have called this piece “Two Suns and the Taurus/Orion Super Moon” because these are the…

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ECETI News, from James Gilliland, October 23, 2015

Love James

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I ask you to use discernment when reading this. James’ words about our assuming responsibility seem important, particularly after watching the video I’ve just posted, NASA Leaked Document: The End Of Mankind? (Video) . . . another dose of dark TRUTH!


It has been a while since the last news letter due to extreme demands in other areas of the awakening and healing process. I have had my own personal challenges which include attacks by reptilian and grey factions on their way off the planet. They seem to have 4D pulse weapons which have a debilitating effect in 3D and occasionally do a drive by. They are the gangsters of the universe. Luckily this is all being cleaned up and the effects are healing and diminishing.

The global reset is in place. Much information around this process is filled with a lot of false promises and we need…

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Message from the Council of Many – Merging is Complete – 10-2-15

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Message from the Council of Many   –   Merging is Complete   –   10-2-15


When I awoke this morning, I felt my Council near. I asked to speak with them and one came forward from a group of 5. I was surprised that this occurred as I had doubted my requests would be honored.

In a dream I received yet another number, this time the number 522. I requested clarity on the number. I was told to remain patient. I also heard distinctly (and for the second time now), “The merging is complete”.

I felt I should allow for a more detailed message to come through. This was that answer:

We have entered into yet another stage of transition, one in which We are urged into solitude to find peace within. These are tumultuous times. As the Earth is inundated with Light, those of the Dark are either…

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